Friday, August 16, 2013

LaeRoc Income Fund: Leasing Process of Commercial Real Estate

For investors of commercial real estate, it is important to find the right kind of tenant who will be able to make timely payments on a consistent basis and for a long period of time. This helps to keep a steady cash flow for the investor while decreasing the number of vacancies of a particular property.  It is important to consider a number of factors that are involved in creating the lease terms and agreement..

A lease is essentially an agreement that sets out the parameters and guidelines of a business relationship. A proper lease will serve to benefit both parties, but the true test of a good lease is when trouble arises. If the lease was not created correctly, a small problem can easily snowball into a larger one. For those tenants who simply sign whatever lease is handed to them, they may not realize that the lease they are signing works to benefit the property owner. When an issue arises, the tenant may not like what they see in the lease. On the other hand, an experienced tenant may wish to make changes to the lease the will not benefit the property owner at all.

When creating a lease, it is important for the property owner and the potential tenant to be as diplomatic as possible in negotiations. Once both parties are able to understand where the other side is coming from, a true understanding can be reached. This balanced perspective can help to root out any potential problems down the road. LaeRoc Income Fund is based on the West Coast.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hotels by LaeRoc

Based in Los Angeles, CA, LaeRoc has represented properties all along the west coast and in Hawaii. Real Estate has witnessed ongoing changes in the market, ups and downs, but LaeRoc is always working hard to maintain and add value where possible to each property subject to market conditions.

One of LaeRoc's projects several years ago was their purchase of the Barnaby Hotel on Manhattan Beach, CA. The 125-room hotel and its 2.3 acres of property are located in the middle of an affluent region. LaeRoc kept this location in mind during the renovation to ensure that the upgraded hotel would be an appropriate addition to Manhattan Beach. 

Once the comprehensive renovation program was completed, the hotel was rebranded the Belamar Hotel, boasting 125 rooms, a new restaurant, lounge, and a courtyard. LaeRoc was pleased with the initial reaction to the Belamar Hotel, as guests all raved about the contemporary furniture and styling as well as the impeccable customer service. The Second Story restaurant and bar was popular among guests and locals as well. 

While LaeRoc's renovation of the Barnaby's into the Belamar Hotel was a challenge, this wasn't the first time the real estate firm has dealt with a major renovation project. In Hawaii, for instance, LaeRoc Investments acquired the 12-story Parkside Hotel for nearly $18 million, and after spending nearly $25 million to renovate it, Laeroc was able to sell it off as condominiums for over  $50 million. Over half the units had balconies and came with full or partial ocean views. 

LaeRoc hopes to continue their endeavors in the real estate market . Aside from strategic planning, LaeRoc looks to  properly manage each of its properties.  LaeRoc's Belamar Hotel established itself as a special staying destination of Manhattan Beach.    

Saturday, November 10, 2012

LaeRoc Discusses "Flipped" Properties

In the residential real estate market, there have been times where people may have been able to buy properties at a low price, renovate them in some way, and then sell them to another buyer within a short period of time. "Flipping" properties, as this practice is known, allows investors to make a return on an investment that may be held for a shorter time than otherwise thought.  While commercial investors, such as LaeRoc sometimes flip office buildings in this way, it's more common for commercial real estate to move at a more sedate pace.

LaeRoc looks for properties that have a good tenant history and good "bones." These are buildings that are typically located near the center of major metropolitan areas, and they're often home to long-term business tenants who need easy access to their clients and potential customers. Buildings like this can change hands due to a variety of circumstances. LaeRoc has picked up investments due to financial hardships of the companies that owned the buildings, but LaeRoc has also picked up buildings that were in good shape, with good tenants, but that had owners that needed to sell their assets for a variety of reasons.  Each asset is different.

LaeRoc looks for properties in good condition and that have a good tenant mix.  An orderly pace to purchase, management and disposition is a practice within the industry, and one LaeRoc looks to.

Friday, November 9, 2012

LaeRoc Discusses Portland Building Buy

In 2008, LaeRoc purchased the American Bank Building located in downtown Portland. The American Bank Building is a 163,000 square feet of office space in downtown Portland. The property was over 90 percent occupied at purchase and is well located on Pioneer Square, a central location in the community.

Due to the influence of television shows like "Portlandia," "Leverage" and "Grimm," Portland has become much more familiar to people scattered all across the country. These shows tend to focus on character development, not real estate prices or city livability, but viewers are still able to see sweeping shots of the Portland skyline, and the shows seem to imply that Portland is a place where major action happens. Portland has also become a mecca of sorts for people who are young, creative and educated. People like this tend to open up their own businesses, according to LaeRoc, and when they do so, they need their own office spaces in order to complete their work. Portland has gone thru a major rejuvenation and development and this revitalization has encouraged many people, young and old, to consider moving into downtown Portland to live and or work.  Well-located office space can benefit from revitalization along with the new train and public transportation infrastructure the city has put together in recent years.